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The Rabbani Project

Spirituality. Nature. Creativity. 

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Our Story

The word Rabbaninuyn is plural of Rabbani in Arabic. This word can be found in the Quran numerous times. Shaykh Muhammed Nazim Adil-al Haqqani defines the word as ‘Godly Ones’.


Those who neither seek recognition, a title, or praise for their service to the Divine and creation. Those amongst us who tread the path of truth in order to be reunited with their Beloved. To reconnect back to their fitra (natural state). To establish oneness. 

Be among the Rabbāniyūn” 

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

Muhammed Ali

The Rabbani Project is a reflection of this yearning. We are a non-profit collective seeking to be counted among the Rabbaniyun through service to others, nature, creativity, and spirituality. Four means to nourish the wandering soul and root us back to our nature.

The Rabbani Project has four main branches; The Salaam Cafe, Ladies of Light, Green Deen Tribe, and the Black Muslim Women Healing Collective.

Spaces dedicated to healing, nourishment, connection, and education.


Join us. :)

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Green Deen Tribe

Green Deen Tribe seeks to reconnect to the integral relationship of nature and islamic teachings of spirituality and tending to the Earth


Ladies of Light

Ladies of Light is a series of events and retreats dedicated to providing space for women to use their faith to connect, reset and reflect. A space that honors and encourages creativity, seeking knowledge and sisterhood

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The Salaam Cafe

The Salaam Cafe grew out of a need for monthly dhikr gatherings, open and accessible to all. Each month the Salaam Cafe would invite and host communities from different spiritual paths to gather in dhikr (remembrance) drink tea and connect. The idea is to ‘occupy’ different spaces in the city with peace and love.


Black Muslim Women Healing Collective

The Black Muslim Women Healing Collective is dedicated to supporting and uplifting Black Muslim Women.We create online and in-person spaces to support Black Muslim Women, understanding their trauma, developing their skills and accessing resources to heal themselves and their communities.

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