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The Rabbani Project; a non-profit collective was set up in 2012. Its first project was an eclectic Album of Sufi-inspired songs from around the world featuring artists such as Siddi Yassir Chadly, The Burdah Ensemble, Shaykh Hassan Dyck, Shaykh Ali el Sayed  Antanukama, Duha Magerita, Pearls of Islam, and many more. All proceeds from the album were donated to a space in London dedicated to cultural and spiritual advancement in the local community. It was a highly received album that opened doors to a national tour around the UK titled ‘ The Green Path to Eternity. These were the seeds that were planted as a foundation for what the collective was to then grow into. 


about us

The Rabbani Project consists of four different branches; The Salaam Cafe, Ladies of Light, Green Deen Tribe, and the Black Muslim Women Healing Collective. Each chapter is a manifestation of the four key elements of the Rabbani Project. Spirituality, Creativity, Nature and Servitude. All are essential tools for the wandering soul to find itself back home. To seek peace, to seek oneness, and to seek the Divine. To be those who are Rabbaniyun. 

The Salaam Cafe is a regular gathering of dhikr ( remembrance) and tea. “Occupying” spaces in the city with peace, love, and unity. A space for stories, music, poetry, and connection. Our most popular gathering is The Salaam Cafe: Story of the Beloved ( PBUH) which takes place every year during the month of Rabi ul Awwal. An opportunity to remember the life of the Prophet Muhammed ( peace be upon him) through poetry and song.

Ladies of Light; is a series of events and retreats dedicated to providing space for women to use their faith to connect, reset and reflect. A space that honors and encourages creativity, seeking knowledge and sisterhood. The Ladies of Light series also includes regular retreats workshops that encourage and celebrate the feminine and faith.

The Green Deen Tribe which aims to shed light on Islam’s forgotten focus and relationship with nature and the environment. We host film screenings, retreats, workshops, and outings to encourage us, city dwellers, to embrace, learn, love, respect, and be nature.

Black Muslim Women Healing Collective is dedicated to supporting and uplifting Black Muslim Women. We create online and in-person spaces to support Black Muslim Women, understanding their trauma, developing their skills, and accessing resources to heal themselves and their communities.

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